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I was excited when Coburn Tuller contacted my to review his work CD Butterfly Tones. I did a quick search for him and found a video of him playing his one of a kind handmade instrument he calls the Tones. This instrument fascinates me because it is similar to a hammer dulcimer and xylophone, but uses 90 aluminum tubes that range from 7 inches to 6 feet. The music that he creates with The Tones ranges from energetic to fairly meditative. The tonal qualities of the instrument reminds me of the Tibetan singing bowls at times because they vibrate for a very long time.


I tried several times to drift into sleep with this album, but had difficulty with the high pitched notes. I am going to try rearranging the tracks to see if I can find a good suitable track list for my personal taste. This does not mean that the album is not relaxing, on the contrary it is very relaxing.


I tried meditating to a few tracks but found that oddly enough the nature of the music didn’t seem to lend itself to clearing my mind. The playfulness of the notes reminded me of why the album is named Butterfly Tones. There seems to be defining sections on almost all tracks that would lead me to believe that many people, probably yourself, would be able to meditate with.

Everyday Music

I feel this is where this album is best suited. As I sit here writing this review and listening to the music I am noticing the ambiance of my office coming to life with the vibration of the notes filling the room. The playful notes seem to have a life of their own as they bounce off the wall. I do not practice

Reiki, but can see this album being used for that purpose.

I will have a follow up from one of my Reiki friends shortly.


I liked the album and the concept of creating an instrument to create the unique sound that the Tones creates. I would love to hear this instrument accompanied by other instruments as it is the only one on the album. Is this album for everyone? Maybe not but you should definitely give it a listen.

Steven Ferrino Review

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011.

Bill Binkelman Review

Coburn Tuller first envisioned a unique instrument that later became “The Tones” 15 years ago, prompted by the reverberating quality of wind chimes. He has released the first album featuring these hand made instruments which are stuck with a mallet. The sounds are rich, resonant bell-like tones with amazing, sustained durations so that notes overlap like ripples in a pond. Airy and light, yet not insubstantial, the nine tracks will color your store’s atmosphere with warmth and a tangible glow.

Bill Binkelman, Reviewer for  New Age Retail - Published in September 2011 Issue page 95.

Review from Spain (Spanish Translation)

Butterfly Tones is the interesting and original artist's debut CD. Coburn Tuller, a musician who has researched the field of sound and created an instrument very pleasant to the ear which he has called The Tones. This acoustic percussion instrument consists of a large number of tubes of different metals that when struck, emit a clear and brilliant sound, full of harmony and with an extraordinary reverberation. Butterfly Tones focuses all its compositions in this instrument, the only sound that we enjoy in this CD. Nothing of synthesizer keyboard  breaks the acoustic sound of The Tones, all the notes come from the same instrument, creating simple melodies but very calming.

Although each of the pieces in the album has their own name, it's downright difficult to isolate a melody that stands out in Butterfly Tones because it is a percussion instrument and all compositions have the same objective which is to relax the listener and focus their inspiration; not surprise with shocking chords.

 Tuller has created a lovely album, unlike any other music CD on a percussion instrument. The instrument has a fascinating harmonic richness, depending on the intensity of the blow, the brightness and sound can vary in intensity and this creates a beauty that resides in each composition.


It is certainly a different music, something we aren't used to hearing, but if we focus on the sounds, you can find great tones and great harmonies. Coburn Tuller gets the listener to draw a smile of well-being and peace with each subtle stroke. Butterfly Tones is an album recommended and perfect for the practice of yoga, relaxation exercises and meditation. Check it out!!.

Alejandro Clavijo @

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John P. Olsen - NewAge

Rarely does an artist of any genre create an entirely new and unique sound identity they can claim entirely as their own. Butterfly Tones by Coburn Tuller, featuring 9 songs of melodic bell timbres is definitely one of the most exclusive musical arrangements I have ever heard. Coburn Tuller has not only created an innovative source of beautiful harmony for a broad multicultural audience, but his first contribution to the new age music genre is by the same token, a newly discovered source of inspiration.

Kathy Parsons - Reviewer /

I believe this is the first review I’ve ever written about a musical instrument that is brand new! The Butterfly Tones CD consists of nine original tracks ranging in duration from 2’21” to 10’55” - four are more than ten minutes long. The sound of The Tones resembles wind chimes, but Tuller creates melodies rather than merely the random sounds of wind chimes. The resonating hum of The Tones also resembles the sound of singing bowls, but since Tuller is striking the tubes with a mallet, he has more control of the pitches of the hum. Because of the percussive nature of a performance on The Tones, it is also possible for interesting rhythms to be created, making this a more versatile instrument than one might expect. Some of the tracks have a more ambient than melodic feeling, and each piece stands on it’s own as unique. I would think this music would be an ideal accompaniment for massage, meditation, and relaxation by allowing The Tones to take a person’s focus and consciousness into a new musical realm altogether. It could also help with sleep difficulties, as the sounds are slow, soothing, and rather hypnotic. Butterfly Tones is a very different musical experience and one well worth checking out! Recommended especially for the musically adventurous.

Nathan Stueve (composer / musician)

Whenever I listen to the Tones useless mental chatter quickly ceases. Somehow this music delivers my mind to a place of stillness and receptivity, a precious utility indeed considering the hectic and nearly ceaseless bombardment of information most of us face daily. Are the Tones' harmonious resonant frequencies tuning my mind to alpha / theta / delta wave states? I don't honestly know but suspect this may be. Whatever the case there isn't another instrument like it on earth and I find myself listening to the sounds of the Butterfly Tones almost nightly, highly recommended!

Mary Millen

There are many brilliant musicians in this world, but how many of them created the instrument as well as the music that it plays? The Tones are a one of a kind instrument that Coburn spent 15 years designing and perfecting. To watch him play is a delightful and inspiring experience. Coburn created the Tones and the Tones celebrate. I invite you to experience the Tones.

Michael Diamond - Awareness Magazine Music Editor

Coburn Tuller has created one of the most interesting and unique instruments that I’ve seen in quite a while, and is a stunning work of art in itself. Called “The Tones”, they consist of a beautiful hand-crafted wooden pyramid shaped structure that stands over eight feet tall which houses a series of different sized tubular metal chimes. When struck with a mallet they produce exquisite sounds which reverberate and sustain creating a sea of harmonic overtones.